Oct 20, 2010

The Long Promised Olive Oil Eco Styler Review

This gel is very tricky in my hair, it takes FOREVER to dry. When I first bought it, I tried to do a twist-out and let it dry overnight. The problem with that was, in the morning my hair was still wet and once I took the twists out I became a shrink victim. It brought my curl out but it also dried my hair out a lot more than I was used to while making it stiff. (I haven't used hold gel since I was wearing my hair short). I then decided to give it another go and see how the results would turn out. After another overnight twist-out, my hair still wasn't dry, but this time the twists got a chance to form, so I was happy. I haven't given it a third chance because I've been too busy to even bother to do a twist-out but I do think I will use less gel next time along with some Avocado Butter for added moisture and shy because dry dusty hair was never for me. Since I haven't found a goo way to insert this product into my regimen I'm not sure what rating to give it. After a third try, I'll give it some thought depending on how it works for me and whether the pros outweigh the cons.

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