Oct 28, 2010

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel: Final review

Eco Styler actually got the job done. I am very surprised since my previous experiences with it were so....blah.  I honestly wasn't expecting anything different this time around. My twistout came out so defined that I didn't even bother to style it after I added Olive Oil for shine. (I notice that a lot of the products I have been using lately contain Olive Oil, my hair loves it)
I did notice that since I used less product, my hair was less crunchy, less ashy and a lot more manageable than  it was in previous experiences with this gel. My ends were also frizz-free (I despise frizzy ends in twistouts).
I think this product may have found it's way onto my staples list based on the results, size and overall price.

1 comment:

Jennifer Alyssa said...

Looks good! One of my fav. products! I love it!