Oct 25, 2010

Big Chop Story: Olivia "Frankie" Claxton

so, i BC'ed my hair about 6 months sooner than expected. when i began transitioning, i was so opposed to a TWA. i could have never imagined my hair so short and curly. i am not quite sure why, especially because i've had my hair cut short when it was relaxed. but as my hair grew out, my curls became difficult to manage because i reduced the amount of heat and overall manipulation. my permed hair also began to break at the meet line across the nape. i was so completely overwhelmed with managing the textures on my own. i used weaves and half wigs to transition up to that point but those got expensive. i had two alternatives, i was either going to cut the relaxer out, or completely relax my hair.

i asked one of my best friends to cut the perm out. she was scared but i assured her that the textures were so different that it wasnt even possible to cut my curls. i called my girlfriend and let her know that i was going to cut it off and her excitement was encouraging. later that evening, we wet my hair and started to cut. about 45 minutes later, i had about 2 inches of curly hair. the first day i was self conscious. i knew people would be looking at me because i had about 5 more inches of hair the day before. i didnt know what to do with it. i saw my girlfriend that night and she ran her fingers through my curls, reassured me that i was beautiful and reminded me that i had gotten the curly fro id wanted.

looking back, i dont regret it. but it was hard. it taught me lots of patience. i had to learn what was best for my body, not just my hair. i had to research products and ingredients. i spent so much time and money taking care of my hair in the beginning, but now its about perfecting my regimen and growing out my hair. my hair is healthy, and thats more than i can ask for.

-- frankie.

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