Sep 10, 2010

Natural Hair Shine & Apricot Oil

Between the time that I took my twist-out out and ran out the door, I had the brilliant idea to add some extra shine to it by using some of the many oils I have laying around. I'm really particular about the smell of the products that I put in my hair, so I decided to use something with a neutral smell, apricot oil. I didn't really get that much shine from it, I think the oil was too light for what I was looking for. One thing it did do was make my hair AMAZINGLY soft. I couldn't keep my hands out of it! It was also light enough to revive my second and third day twist-out without weighing it down or making it brittle after a while. I'm impressed to say the least. While I'm still looking for a product that doesn't have a heavy scent to add sheen to my hair, I will definitely add this oil to my regimen in the cooler months so I won't have to keep re-wetting in the morning.


Ms. Berry said...

I've had a short hair cut for a couple years now and I just recently decided to grow it out. I also have decided to go natural & your website has been very helpful :)

Ashley Patrice said...

Hey Courtney! I'm always glad to be of service, let me know if you have any questions