Aug 5, 2010

Twist Outs

You ever get hair envy whenever you see some one's twist out? I sure do. I've always wondered why my hair never came out as defined as theirs, or shiny and healthy looking. Then I came to realize, that I was doing it wrong. I find myself copying other natural's regimen while ignoring what my hair needed. Hair can be like finger prints, no two heads are alike. For some of us (including myself) we have more than one texture in our hair, so finding a happy medium for all of your textures can be a bit hard. I found that re wetting my hair, applying avocado butter, and gel helps define my curls and twist outs more than twisting while wet. Others have the exact reverse regimen and their hair comes out fabulous. Listening to your hair and seeing exactly what it likes and what it doesn't will make both you and your hair happy. Not every regimen, every staple product, every miracle conditioner works for everyone. find what works for you versus what everyone is raving about. Your hair never fails you, you fail your hair.