Jul 8, 2010

Relaxers and your hair

As a hair stylist I often find myself doing relaxers against my will for women who don't need them. They always ask me which relaxer to purchase etc, etc. One time one of my clients came across this "natural" relaxer that contained a packet of dirt (it was actually herbs, or seasoning..idk) that was supposed to do wonders for the hair. I honestly thought this was hilarious. It's like giving someone acid and then adding vitamin E to it for balance. Are manufacturers becoming aware of our growing knowledge that they encourage us to put on our heads? Even walking down the "ethnic" hair care aisle, you always see these claims to healthy relaxers, herbal relaxers or relaxers with natural ingredients. THERE ARE NO HEALTHY RELAXERS. And there is also nothing you can add to a relaxer to make it more healthy. There are other "natural" alternatives to straightening your hair (none of which I have fully researched) that you can talk to your stylist about that can fit you and your lifestyle without damaging your hair.

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