Jul 12, 2010

Hair Update

Yesterday was my BC anniversary (I cut in November), and although my hair is in that in-between stage (not long enough for this, too short for that)  I'm learning to love it. I'm starting to be able to tell the difference between the textures in my hair. I think it's safe to say I'm officially out of the TWA stage and I'm starting to notice how products aren't for my hair anymore.

  • Hardening Gel makes my hair hard and stiff when it use to define my curls more
  • Braids and even clips and hair bands are even more for managing my hair than for styling
  • I get the "are you leaving with your hair like that" look from my parents
I think it may be time to get a little trim just to help maintain the shape, but I don't want to lose my length :(.
I'll most likely end up getting it because I don't want a case of the nasty ends. But I am extremely excited now that I have more hair to play with. I've been debating color, but I really want to avoid damage and personally I don't think I'll be ready for it until I finally find products that fit me and my lifestyle.

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