Jul 20, 2010

Hair Boredom

Once again, I AM BORED WITH MY HAIR!! I have reached this point before about a year ago when my TWA first started growing and now I feel like cutting it off all over again. I love natural hair but a short rounded afro isn't for me. I've always been more edgy and traditional, last year I solved this problem by shaving off one side of my head. This year that seems far too common and I realize if I did so I would be faced with the same problem: growing out process of a TWA. I just want some edge and I'm not sure if a simple color process can get rid of this boredom, but I have been playing with the idea.. I've also been playing with the thought of completely shaving my hair off (which I'll regret once winter comes). I think a Solange type haircut with a side part would definitely put more individuality into my hair... there are just so many different options, I don't know where to start:(

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Daree Allen said...

That's almost where I'm at right now. I keep my hair in a fade but I'm not trying to get to the TWA. I'm afraid of the "in-between" stage, so eventually if I grow it out I will probably rock a wig for a month or two until it's long enough to braid.