Jul 21, 2010


In a room full of women, how do you stand out? It's common fact that women are the most sensous and poweful creatures on the planet, but do we own up to it? I can speak for myself when I answer no. I've often felt a little down because my outfit wasn't the greatest, or I felt as though I could have spent a little more time on my makeup. We all have our less than sexy days, but how do we fix them?

  • Keep a simple well put together outfit in case of emergencies, that way if you are in a rush, you have a go to outfit that you already know will have your head raised high.
  • Acessorize. I can't stress enough how many times I have worn basic tee's wiith jeans that looked put together because I had acessories that made it look put together. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them places like forever 21 have a WIDE variety of jewelry and bags that can accomodate anyone's taste
  • Keep makeup  at a minimum if you don't have time. Mascara and eyeliner always do the trick. If you have a steady hand, try a winged look.
These are just a few tips you can try whenever you feel as though you are down in the dumps. All women are equally beautiful and even Beyonce has her down days. It's all about how you carry and love yourself.

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