Jun 25, 2010

Black Women With Style: Etta Martin

natural hair fits me in the sense that i honestly hate the rules of society...i feel like in america we've been set to think of pretty as one way. and i always personally thought it was ridiculous to spend so much time on my hair. so natural hair fits my personality perfectly because it shows my freedom of being myself and not doing what everyone else is doing. i finally decided to go natural after having my "rihanna haircut" for almost a year. way back before i even let scissors come near my hair i wanted to either get dreads or cut my hair...i decided to cut it...and had everything done to it...i shaved the sides bald...i had a tail...i dyed it red...i highlighted it...and finally i just got tired of the haircut..and so many girls started cutting it to the point i didnt feel special anymore. lol so right when i was debating solange chopped off ALL HER hair...and i loved her example and after i just went for it! :) my family didn't initally love the idea of me going natural or cutting off all my hair..but they grew to love it. i get some looks here and there depending on where i am. in the airport so people seemingly were fascinated from a distance by my hair...but for the MOST part i've got nothing but love after going natural.

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