May 3, 2010

Loc Maintenance

I'm starting to notice that a lot of women who chose to loc  are pretty clueless about what to do with their hair. Locs can be pretty low-maintenance once you get the hang of them. The products you use in your hair are VERY important. Many choose to use the Jamaican Mango And Lime products without knowing that they cause quite a bit of build up. Others opt for Beeswax, which is worse, both products can clog the pores and prevent the hair from breathing. I recommend using oils for re twists, and if you are worried about a holding style, try the Eco styler clear gel, which has a nice hold without drying out your hair. As everyone knows, if you constantly wash your locks... they won't loc. Then what do you do to prevent build-up? There are clarifying shampoos for when you do decide to shampoo your hair along with apple cider rinses to remove buildup from products, these work very well but continued use can strip your hair of it's natural oils, leaving it dry. So now what? The #1 way to prevent product buildup in locs is to simply use less product and light oils. A satin bonnet is also a good way to decrease product use. Our hair is normally dryer in the morning because the cotton pillow cases soak up a good amount of oil. Another problem that Loc'ers seem to come across is odor. Water can often get into your hair and mildew causing a smell What do  you do now? Well next time you shampoo, make sure you dry your hair completely to avoid this from happening. Also you can use essential oils, which carry a light scent, on your locs. The essential oil will provide a light scent along with moisture without the future build up.

Here is an all natural product you can use to re twist your hair:
  • Honey (avoid using too much)
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Almond oil
  • Essential Oil (for scent)


af said...


I had to stop reading at this part "As everyone knows, if you constantly wash your locks... they won't loc.
I have been locking for over 4 years and I wash at least weekly but sometimes 2 or more times a week. If I'm not washing than I am rinsing or spritzing. For a lot of us, water is a wonderful aid in the locking process.

Washing often and using clarifying shampoos or apple cider vinegar rinses are all great ways to prevent/fight buildup.

Your article would show more insight by indicating that there are different strokes for different folks...instead of convincing new lockers to avoid washing their hair.

Ashley Patrice said...

Well if you were to have continued reading you would have also read that i did recommend shampoos,along with the same natural build up removers that you mentioned. The initial locing process cannot happen if you constantly wash your hair, especially if locs are twisted incorrectly, which is why people say their locs "wash out". Which brings up the locing methods of twisting and interlocing the hair. If that is what works for you, then by all means continue doing so.