May 2, 2010

The Evolution Of Black Beauty

I feel as though the standard of Black beauty has been extremely Europeanized. I watched an episode of the Tyra show today on black women and skin bleaching and was actually kind of shock at how many women have tried it. Why don't women appreciate themselves for how they were born? It's seems as though they always try to mold themselves to fit someone else's standards of beauty. And as I write this I remember earlier today during my job hunt that I slapped a wig on to cover up my natural hair. Why did I do it? Because a lot of businesses don't appreciate the "urban" look of natural hair. The best temporary solution for that is to grab a wig ( I may just end up wearing weaves for a while to keep the position, my wigs are for dress up purposes). I have no problem wearing weaves, it's just the reasoning behind it that bothers me. I have to fit someone else's standard of beauty to accomplish my own goal. Is this how modern day "models" feel? That they have to remove their clothes, straighten their hair and wear long weaves to fit in? This only applies to the men's magazine models who do shoots in bathing suits, lingerie or the infamous bubble bath setting for whatever reason. There was a time when afro's were cool and even desired. They were considered a norm in society. Now they are semi frowned upon, and relaxers have become norm. Granted than times change, but I feel that if we are to evolve the least we can do is embrace ourselves as we already come.... I think people like Pam Grier and Sade are underrated beauties in my generation, overpowered by women with lace fronts, cheek implants and butt shots. I'm not knocking anyone's hustle, just questioning... How much did it cost to buy a new "you"?

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Jennifer Collins said...

its time for the black beauty :) hey guys try using hair extensions is awesome and unique :)