May 22, 2010

Black Women With Style: Shani Rambert.

My name is Shani I. Rambert, I'am 23 years old & my hair has been natural for all 23 years. I've never had a perm, I have thought of getting one and then talked myself out of those thoughts. I just recently put color in a small part of my hair just to try something different. Right now I have a sew-in & I LOVE it because I do not enjoy doing my hair and this is much easier. Also it's better to damage hair that isn't mine instead of MY hair. Usually in the summertime I wear my hair in double strand twists because it's easy to get up and go. What I love about MY hair is that it is really thick and healthy. I enjoy being able to switch up my hair from it being straightened to curly or just plain old wild & free.

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