May 14, 2010

Black Women With Style: Frankie

My style is a little all over the place. I wear what I want. I like for my hair to be just as versatile as my wardrobe, so I change it often. My hair has always been my crowning glory. Ive always had really long hair naturally, but I started wearing weaves in college because they protected my hair from heat damage. In 2009, it started to break in one place because of over processing, coloring too often. So I decided to cut it short, and frankie was born. Before the chop, I never got relaxers very often, maybe 4 or 5 times a year. But keeping my hair short, I needed to relax every four weeks. Keeping my hair short was gruesome. I had to relax, cut and color every few weeks or my hair looked a mess. I grew my out out enough to start to get a weave because I missed my long hair. I had gotten a sew in and realized it it had 4 weeks since i had gotten a perm, but my weave still looked good. I decided that I wasnt perming my hair anymore and that I was going to grow it out so that when my mane grew back it would be full and healthy. I have been transitioning for 4 months to date. Weaves and half wigs were crucial in the beginning, but im learning to deal with my natural texture better now and its not too difficult to style with my permed ends. Ive been wearing a lot of pin curls lately, they work well with my hair's current length. I plan on making the Big Chop on ( or before ) January 1, 2011. I cant fade wearing a TWA, my head is too big for that. 


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