Mar 26, 2010

Shampoo Vs. No Poo

I'm always on forums to see what ladies are talking about and I've seen a lot of talk about women not washing their hair. Many women have opted for this because shampoo seems to have more negative affects than positive. Numerous times I have been told that not shampooing (no poo) actually makes your hair grow faster. I feel indifferent either way as long as the choice you make is done right. One of the down sides of shampooing is using a shampoo that strips your hair of what it needs most. Anything with alcohols, silicone, sulfates should be avoided at all costs. A lot of shampoos have these ingredients so make sure you read the label. All natural shapoos or Raw African Black soap are your best bet. A clean scalp is always important in healthy hair growth. A way to achieve this using the "No Poo" method is by using a cleansing conditioner every few days to remove any debris. Suave and Thermasilk offer different varieties of these or you could simply add lemon juice to your regular conditioner. While No Pooing may not be for everyone many women have find their hair more manageable and moisturized since removing shampoo from their regimen. As always you should listen to your hair and do what suits it best.

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frankieFATALE said...

try Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap between your co-washes. it strips all the gross stuff and leaves all the oils your hair and scalp needs. be sure to follow up with conditioner though, dont wanna strip too much.