Mar 17, 2010

Mahogany Queen Giveaway

Ladies!!! I am having another giveaway. The winner will be selected at random. The ONLY way to enter is to follow the site. You can follow using your twitter or yahoo account if you do not have a blogger. The winner will receive a Sephora gift certificate along with an order of my Honey Coconut Shea. This giveaway will be going on for exactly 1 month so make sure to subscribe!!!!


Ashley Patrice said...


socialitedreams said...

Yay! it works now1 this giveaway is RIGHT up my alley, i'd love you forever if i win, lmao :D Woot woot for contests!

frankieFATALE said...

im uber down. sign me up!!!

My Natural Me said...

Yaaaaaay...following! (but that was even before the giveaway! LOl)

Anonymous said...

I'm following you via Twitter!


Amber said...

So I know I'm a white chick but I do find natural hair to be so lovely, and my hair could so use some of your Honey Shea. My hair is very dry and tends to have tiny little frizzies especially near my hairline. I want to try your product so bad! I follow yur blog and your Twitter (lipstickncandy)


shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com