Mar 5, 2010

Henna & Your Hair

I've noticed that a lot of my #naturalhair ladies have been using henna to color their hair... STOP. Henna is extremely bad for your hair. Yes it is a natural option for those who want to color their hair but at what cost??? Henna coats the hair and it is hard for other things to penetrate the hair once it is covered with henna. I've worked on removing henna from hair and it is near impossible to do this in a healthy manner! Usually to do a color cleanse, we use a form of hair bleach, along with shampoo and color activator. Sometimes even this isn't effective. If bleach can barely penetrate to the hair shaft, imagine what your conditioners, hot oil treatments, and hair creams are doing? Absolutely nothing. The 100% effective and non-damaging way to remove henna from the hair is to simply grow it out and cut it off. Ladies if you have already used henna in your hair, it is not too late to stop!! Instead of touching up new-growth with the same product, use a color rinse instead. It may not be as permanent, but it is completely healthy for your hair. Please also keep in mind that all color rinses aren't the best for it too. I recommend Clairol's Jazzing or Beautiful Collection to achieve the colors you are looking for. I especially like the Beautiful Collection because it has conditioner already in the formula and leaves your hair very soft. Talk to your stylist about what may be the BEST to keep your hair healthy, health is always the main goal.

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