Mar 26, 2010

Ashley's Twa

So lately I've been trying out new things with my hair, a headband here, a scarf there. So far it's been great but I still want to style my hair. It's about 2.5 inches if you uncoil it, which doesnt leave my options open. I would get gel twist, but I refuse to look like my mother :) Any suggestions? I've been debating braids and even an afro weave until my twa grows out .I really just want a more feminine look, yes i wear make up and earrings, but it still doesn't suit me that well in my opinion. I tried to blowdry and style it, but got tired before I could even blowdry it straight enough.  I don't want to become a vitctim of heat damage nor do I want my hair texture to change from straightening (I've had it happen before, it wasn't pretty and very annoying when I wore it natural). I guess i may just have to live with the burden of the TWA, but at least in the process I will get to learn more about my hair. I want to try color but I'm still not 100% sure. I'd like to keep it natural and although henna is NOT an option the Cinnamon Lightener is tempting, even though from past experience I know my hair is very color resistant so I'm not 100% sure if the cinnamon will work. I may end up trying it out just because there is no harm done in trying it out. If so I'll post pics.

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